Finally, you can stop feeling frustrated & worried about money!

Start now to have greater ease & confidence managing your money so that you have more than enough …

It’s Time for Your Ultimate Money Makeover

Do any of these situations feel familiar to you?

Are you silently anxious because despite working, having a business, and having money, you know you’re one major appliance, car repair, or property tax from juggling … again.

Are you awake at night worried you won’t be able to meet your financial or business quarterly goals due to your yo-yo spending and saving cycle with money?

Do you feel uneasy every time a client cancels or an unexpected bill arrives, afraid of facing the consequences of your unplanned purchases?

Trust me, you are not alone. Recent research indicates the reason small businesses fail overwhelmingly includes poor understanding of cash flow, too little money, and lack of a developed business plan.

I too experienced this. I didn’t have any teaching about money. I struggled for years, in shame and disappointment, frustrated with myself, yet doing the same thing every month. I’d say, “I’ll do better next month.” I could easily make money, several streams of income, but managing and being accountable to my money was a different story. I was only going through the motions without a new understanding about money. Making the same mistakes repeatedly. Too often, I would look at my bank account, sad and disappointed (again) … wondering where all my money went. It was a cycle.

The power to transform my life

came after I found myself sitting in a bank attempting to qualify for a home loan with mountains of credit card debt. Holding back tears of shame and embarrassment, I knew something had to change. That something—was me.

I accepted that what I had been doing was not working.
I decided saving would equal relief—so I saved, giving money to a friend to keep each month for starters
I made the choice not to live in fear of not having enough money.
I decided to address my credit card debt until I had none.


Step by step I ran scarcity and lack out of my life to embrace being responsible managing money, credit, and debt with ease.

No, it didn’t happen overnight.
It took me putting one foot in front of the other, and consistently taking daily action to change my habits, thoughts, and behaviors to create a more prosperous future and life. And if I can do it … so, can you!

What if you could make money decisions that honor your plans, goals, and dreams?
What if you could feel smart, and confident enough having money to save, spend, and invest with ease?
What if you could feel SO good about managing your money that you effortlessly attract more?

You can have all of this & more when you change your relationship with money.

And the best part?

Money can be like a friend who supports you to meet your goals and attain lifelong dreams!

Where a select group of bad-ass women entrepreneurs transform the way they think, spend, save, and make decisions about money to become money magnets.
Inside you’ll discover how to…

Uplevel your money mindset with updated tools and strategies to achieve your most desired results with money.

Make friends with money so you can make smart financial decisions.

Eliminate your isolation, overwhelm, and lack of support … and connect with a community of like-minded women that inspire and lift you up.

Confidently make a money plan that allows you to trust yourself and experience massive freedom.

Upgrade your outdated main money story with a new money makeover story that connects you to money.

Release hidden shame and judgment about your financial status so you watch it rise…effortlessly.

This eight-week virtual coaching and training program will lead you to make over outdated money beliefs, habits, and actions with time-tested strategies, money makeover principles and practices that will turn your relationship with money into a finely tuned money attraction machine.

In this 8-week training & coaching course, you will discover:

A 5-step proven process to release financial blocks, money shame, fears and worry.

The 3 key life-changing money makeovers to release greater financial ease and flow.

Practices to stay connected to your goals and vision for results.

The 3 most expensive mistakes most women make with money and how to avoid them or rebound from them.

The key to feeling confident, smart, and savvy about your financial decisions and life.

What are your unique gifts, abilities, and attributes that’ll easily add more zeros to your bank account.

A foolproof instrument to use daily to gauge your energy and emotions to attract more.


Simply having more money gives you a feeling of emotional relief, ease, and freedom from fear and worry!

Imagine feeling more confident, like you’re standing on solid ground.  No more emotional drain on your heart.

No more shame or stigma hiding in silence.

Instead …

You can meet your financial needs/goals and those of your family … without blinking an eye.

Let’s not forget … taking THAT luxury vacation you’ve always wanted or having money for a cushy retirement, home remodel, or investments.

Bottom line …when you have money, you have possibilities.

This Is How We Do It …
Plus, all the yummy deets on what you’ll get in this 8-week course …

8 Training Modules (Value $2500)

The 8 training modules will walk you through everything you need to know to understand the importance of shifting your mindset for greater results, how you do it, and the instruments and tools you use for results.

8 Group Mentoring Sessions (Value $5000)
These 8 group mentoring sessions will give you the opportunity to gain clarity on concepts, principles, and practices. Get your questions answered, as well as gain community support, to stay focused and on track.
8 Money Makeover Coachings (Value $1000)

It’s your turn to take the “Love Seat” and share your greatest struggle, and/or your deepest desire or result. Jenenne will listen to your concerns and struggles and support you in a makeover of your words, speaking, and thinking as it relates to money in your life and business and share any insights and strategies that will increase and support your makeover.

Money Myths and Mindset

In this session we’ll cover:

Your love affair and/or frustration with money and what to do about it.
The power you have to create a powerful relationship with money.
The money myths robbing your peace and success with money.


In this session you will:

Discover the #1 factor keeping you in scarcity with money.
Understand the key mindset that is influencing your behavior with money.
Recognize the key factors to release that keep you stuck and blocked with money.

Your Key Power to Attract More

In this session, we’ll cover:

The #1 block to you having more clients, offers, results, and peace with money.
What you must do to achieve the results you desire.
The power formula you already possess that is a magnet to money, joy, and fulfillment.

Boost Your Makeover Power

In this session you will:

Learn the power of your language on your money and results.
Understand how financial planning is your greatest money solution for results.
Uncover how to speak the language of money for greater connection, understanding, and results.

Ready to Open the Floodgates

In this session we’ll cover:

How you welcome more by releasing what is blocking your flow.
Learn a 5-step tool to immediately begin to shift your energy of hurt for healing.
The power of your heart to connect with money and financial freedom for success.

Start Giving from Your Overflow

In this session you will:

Just what your magic secret sauce is that is illuminated only by your presence.
The #1 real reason it’s so hard to stand your ground and what to do about it.
How to stand in your power, recognize your authentic value, and connect with it for your life and business.

Accepting Your Twin Powers for Success

In this session we’ll cover:

Discover the innate power tools you possess that will catapult you toward success.
Learn how to connect with, activate, and trust your power tools.
Understand the #1 power you need to accept to see the results you long for and desire.

Create Your Money Makeover Master Plan

In this session you will:

Discover the most significant daily action you are to take and how to trust it for results.
Understand the power of community and support to achieve and maintain your goals.
Discover a power game you can play to walk yourself out of low energy to connect with money again.

Thank you, Jenenne, I loved this! Very expanding and transformational concepts around our money and prosperity beliefs … “be willing to think something different.”—Liz

Thank you, Master Teacher Jenenne Macklin. I have allowed my past and my fears to cripple me. I realized I’ve always kept a smile during my storms. I must concentrate/meditate and believe! I AM WORTHY. I Am a Conqueror. —Sonya Lumpkin

WOW!! Just WOW!! So profound and eye-opening. This conversation was full of “ahhh” and “whoo.” Connection and energy have to be claimed and worked in EVERY area of our lives!! Together! —LeTonya Hudson

You were so real. You are right, wealth is connected to something bigger; not only our jobs, but we also have to reprogram our thinking. Thanks for sharing. —Sasha Gomes

Jennene Macklin, is an amazing Thought Leader who is dedicated to the people she serves. She provides, powerful impact, high-energy, thought-provoking tool and techniques personally designed for her clients. —Gloria L. Brown

You have been in this money mess for a while. Struggling and juggling … money, debt, worry, and frustration for way too long. You do not have time to waste in isolation or shame … it’s time for your personal money makeover.

You may have tried other courses or tried on your own to free yourself from the grips of worry, shame, and fear. You may even be thinking … why will this be any different? First, Money Makeover will be different because you are not struggling for answers alone. You have a community for support. If you don’t know, it’s a proven fact that you can make quicker progress when you have support. When you’re not feeling alone, you are more willing to make yourself available to solutions. Secondly, the teaching, principles, and strategies in this program are created with you in mind. Meaning these are the tips, tools, and techniques that, when implemented, will create the shift you need to trigger the results you desire. If you agree to show up for your dreams, goals, and clients and tackle each module, allowing yourself to be supported, coached, and seen, and then take consistent action, you can’t help but create a shift in your relationship with money that will create a shift in your bank balance, your life, and your heart.

It’s time for you to feel confident managing your money, business, life, and happiness. It’s time for you to have support, community, encouragement, answers, real money talk, relief and proven strategies. It’s time for your money makeover.

✔ It’s time for you to live … your dreams, goals, and happiness. When you do, you will feel more confident with your money decisions.

✔ It’s time for you to claim your financial freedom. When you do, you may be surprised at the feeling of relief that will flood your body.

It’s time for you to feel smart with your head held high, knowing you are the money manager in your life and business, who confidently tells money where to go.

✔ It’s time for you to feel valued in your life and business.

✔ It’s time for you to feel capable of handling whatever you and life create with your financial decisions.

✔ It’s time for you to ACT for your happiness and peace of mind. When you do, you will feel hope and see the possibility of greater results in your bank balances.

Starts at November 21st

Where a select group of bad-ass women entrepreneurs transform the way they think, spend, save, and make decisions about money to become money magnets.

This eight-week virtual coaching and training program will lead you to make over outdated money beliefs, habits, and actions with time-tested strategies, money makeover principles and practices that will turn your relationship with money into a finely tuned money attraction machine.

It’s time for YOUR Ultimate Money Makeover … now
  • 8 Weekly Live Trainings
  • 8 Weekly Mentoring Sessions
  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching
  • Money Makeover Workbook
  • Personal one-on-one Love Seat coaching
  • Mentor Forum 24/7 community support
  • PIF Group Coaching Call

#1 How To Transform Your Money Mindset Podcast Interview with Jenenne Macklin by Rosetta Thurman (value $125)

An enlightening, powerful conversation about how to make the shifts in your mindset for the results you long for in life and business.

#2 Money Mastery Now Book Bundle (Value $550)

International Best-Seller Money Mastery Now+ Money Mastery Now Affirmation Card Deck, Sacred Wealth Affirmation Card, Million Dollar Affirmation card.

#3 Sacred Wealth System + Sacred Wealth System 28-page Workbook (Value $997)

This dynamic six-week training program and accompanying workbook will move you from stuck to flow by teaching you how to tap into a wealth mindset for greater results. This six-week module program will guide you into a powerful relationship with money and financial freedom.

#4 Master class by Amy Cochran—Your Brain While Shopping ($225)

Ever wonder why you struggle with money and shopping? Ever wonder why you spend when you know you told yourself not to? Listen to Amy Cochran as she breaks down exactly what is happening to your brain while you shop, and that’s just for starters.

#5 Choose Your First. – Love Who You Are Not Just What You Do (Value $997)

In this powerful and enlightening 6 audio series, with accompanying worksheets,  you will gain a greater understanding of your value and worth, the essential decisions you must make to live in your power, how to honor your dreams and goals while you value and welcome more into your life.


Private Group Coaching Call (Value $1500)

Each Paid-in-Full purchase will receive a one-time group coaching call to fine-tune your money plan, goals, objectives, and timelines for greater results.

Enroll now to create your powerful money makeover for only …


Pay in Full:

1-time payment

4 payments of $347

$347 down + 3 payments of $347

All Sales Final

If your desire is to make a much bigger impact in your life and business but you need to speak to us to make sure this program is your next best step…

got questions
Call us : 310-978-7133
All Sales Final


If you’ve read it all and you’re on the fence about enrolling … your mindset is creating challenges, or you have questions that need answering, here are the most frequently asked questions that can help you in either case.

1: What happens if I am unable to attend a class?

While we would like for you to attend each class, we know things do come up unexpectedly. In the rare event that you miss a class, an audio of that class will be provided upon written request.


2: How many hours a week do I need to dedicate to the course?

If you want to create a breakthrough in your relationship with money, you’ll need to commit to at least 20 minutes a day to see your transformation. We highly recommend setting aside 60 minutes to listen to the training and at least 15 minutes each morning and evening to integrate all your practices.


3: What kind of tangible results can I expect in 8 weeks?

Based on your consistent participation in all aspects of the course, in 8 weeks you can expect to make key shifts, such as …

  • Relief and release from worry, stress, and shame.
  • Tangible results in your bank account.
  • Established routines to attract money, opportunities, and clients.
  • Implementing daily tools to learn to monitor your energy for results.
  • Establishing new guidelines for your money by design with a budget or tracking system.
  • Creating your connection to money by taking “inspired actions” daily.
  • Greater awareness of what you say to yourself about money.
  • Taking actions to feel more confident managing your money.
  • Gradual upgrade in your money conversation, thoughts, and speaking.


4: I’ve taken similar courses. Why will this one work?

This course will work because of your determination to have more money. Your determination, desire, and drive are the fuel for your success. Partner those three with laser-focused weekly coaching, accountability, and community support, followed by your taking action. How could you not see results? This course will guide you step by step through eight critical teaching points and accompanying action steps that, when implemented, will intentionally shift your thinking and feelings about money, thus shifting your relationship with money. In this course you will discover the money mindset you have that impacts your daily decisions; tools for successfully connecting to money; and tools and techniques to release what no longer works so you make room for proven practices that do work.

Jenenne Macklin has coached thousands of women all over the globe to experience an internal shift with their money mindset for the external results desired in their life and/or business beyond what they think is possible … and now she wants to see it happen for you!

With a roster of clients that includes amazing women, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and celebrities, her impact can be felt globally. She is an author, with her third book an International Best-Seller, Money Mastery Now: Align Money, Activate Joy, and Amplify Worth. As a powerhouse speaker, coach, and wealth catalyst, she has been speaking since 1999 after meeting her first mentor, Les Brown, and later training for four years with motivational speaker and NYT best-selling author Lisa Nichols. She touches audiences small and large with her dynamic blend of wit, wisdom, humor, and personal experiences, empowering women with proven principles and tangible practices to boldly create a wealthy life and business. Jenenne draws on 25+ years of personal and professional experience, and a laser-sharp intuition to passionately empower and teach women. Jenenne is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Ordained Spiritual teacher, Reiki Master, and the delightful mom of an incredible son.

Jenenne Macklin has helped thousands of women all over the globe experience an internal shift with their money mindset for the external results desired in their life and/or business beyond what they think is possible … and now she wants to see it happen for you! With a roster of clients that includes amazing women, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and celebrities, her impact can be felt globally. She is the author of the book “Money Mastery Now: Align Money, Activate Joy, & Amplify Worth.”
Start now to have greater ease & confidence managing your money so that you have more than enough …
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