No more sleepless night stressing and worrying about money!
Now to can make more, attract more, and have more than
you need.

What if it could be easy for you to:

  • Have more than enough money to be confident, secure and live with ease.
  • Enjoy your dream vacation without any concern about missing income in your business
  • Be confident enough to raise your prices in business, knowing the value you bring to your clients.
  • Live free of worry and fear about unexpected emergencies because you know you have money saved.

These victories and more are possible for you!  You may secretly be living in struggle, stressing about money and maybe thinking you’ll never get it right.  There are too many days you feel sad about your spending and debt.  Way too many nights you lie awake judging your behaviors and feeling regret.


You want to manage your money like a boss knowing you always will have more than enough because you desire a life bigger than struggling and juggling cash, cards and bills.

You want to start charging for your value in your business rather than thinking they won’t pay that much.

You want to stand stronger for your no instead of saying yes when you don’t want to.

You want to take you vacation and not worry about the days you’re away from your business robbing you of your relaxation.

There’s a simple and easy way to get control of your money so you stop worrying, and begin to see yourself having more than enough…and that’s why I created the:

The Money Mindset Shifts Series
6 audio training series

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Money Mindset Shift Series:

  • Learn exactly what is robbing you of your money. 
  • Discover how to shift your limiting beliefs to attract & have more. 
  • Learn tools for greater ease and results with money.
  • Implement proven practices and strategies to attract more
  • Discover the #1 thing to do to receive more easily
  • Understand the #1 action to welcome money


Autographed International #1 Best Seller

Money Mastery Now: Align Money, Activate Joy & Amplify Worth

by Jenenne Macklin with Foreword by Les Brown


Money Mastery Now Affirmation Card Deck & Intention Tracker & Calculator

Value: $295


How to Transform Your Money Mindset

Rosetta Thurman & Rev. Jenenne Macklin

Learn the specific actions to transform your relationship with money; how to forgive yourself; and the power you possess to attract more through your mindset.

Value: $225


Masterclass Training

Science of Money with Amy Cochran Westbrook

Learn how the brain works with money; practices to navigate a new mindset; the part of the brain that responds and how come shopping requires a strong game plan

Value $395

Ready to take the NEXT LEVEL actions because you know that once you get your questions answered, you’ll be off and running? Jump on your Q & A coaching call where you will submit your questions and get the answers to take your next actions.  After listening to your audio series, write down your questions, and then get the answers that will position you to take strategic action for your results… register here now. 


Ready to UPDATE your money mindset by knowing the basic principles to attract more, what you need to know about the basics of principles of money, your money mindset, the three factors that impact your attracting more, and the seen as well as unseen factors that impact your money, such as your thoughts, words and feelings, plus daily practices for connecting with money.  You can start today to listen to the six-part audio series plus completing your Money Mindset Shift Worksheets and you will position yourself to experience what you’ve been wishing for – but rarely achieve: money freedom, greater confidence & understanding, tools & strategies for confidence, a good night’s rest because you know just what to do to have more. 



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If you don’t know me, but this feels just like what you’re looking for, here are some things you may want to know…

I started my coaching business after getting fired. I had walked myself out of debt and wanted to support other women in doing the same. I had dug myself out of debt once, only to find myself in debt yet again several years later, and I realized there was more to the process than just paying off my bills. The second time taught me a critical principle in understanding money—the answers were within me.

It wasn’t one thing that I changed to get where I am. It was a bundle of things connected to one … the primary one being my mindset. While I know what it’s like to be underwater in debt—living in fear, shame, paycheck to paycheck, even while making high 5-figures—I also know what it’s like to walk yourself out of debt, step by step, to live in freedom and security, choosing never to return. Instead, I accepted that my desire alone was not enough. I had to create a new, from the inside out, and choose consciously never to return. Instead, I accepted that the life I desired was up to me (and you) to create.

After being fired in 2010, I made the choice to start my third business, Consciously Creating Your Life Inc., a personal development company with the core intention of moving women into the most luxurious and wealthiest relationship possible with money and wealth for their happiness and peace of mind. 

Trained as a speaker, I began to speak and work with thousands of clients, with an emphasis on coaching women through the journey I took to successfully gain my financial freedom. 

The journey was a shift with their money mindset to achieve the external results desired in their life and/or business beyond what they could think is possible—and now I want to see it happen for you! It’s time to connect your intuition, mindset, and inner power to fuel your success here and now.

I bring all my practices, strategies and mindset shifts and a laser-sharp intuition to our conversation in such a way that you benefit. When you’re coachable and you’ve got the guts to say yes to what you really want for yourself and take action … together we can do this.

If you’re ready to live with peace of mind with money, take the actions and make the decisions for your life and business, then we can make something happen differently for you in your life. 

I look forward to it!

Big love,


Meet Your Guide

Jenenne Macklin

Jenenne Macklin has helped thousands of women all over the globe experience an internal shift with their money mindset for the external results desired in their life and/or business beyond what they think is possible … and now she wants to see it happen for you! With a roster of clients that includes amazing women, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and celebrities, her impact can be felt globally. She is the author of the International Best Seller, “Money Mastery Now: Align Money, Activate Joy & Amplify Worth.”