Ladies, isn’t it time to set the boundaries that support you, empower you, and give you freedom

Imagine ...

When you set and maintain boundaries, you reinforce your sense of self-worth.

This is so possible for you today … even if you have struggled to set your boundaries or have set boundaries but struggled to maintain them or be consistent. As women, you may often find yourselves facing a unique set of challenges when it comes to setting boundaries, particularly with your mothers, siblings, and maybe even bosses and clients.

The holiday season, with its gatherings and reunions, can amplify these struggles. Picture those Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners where emotions run high, expectations are through the roof, and the pressure to keep everyone happy feels overwhelming. It’s during these times that the difficulty of saying no or asserting your needs becomes especially pronounced. Whether it’s navigating probing questions from well-meaning relatives, managing demanding work schedules, or reconciling with family dynamics, the holiday season can put an immense strain on your ability to set and maintain boundaries.

Setting boundaries isn’t just a necessity during the holidays; it’s a vital aspect of your everyday life that can profoundly impact your well-being and relationships.

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Consider a common scenario such as managing your workload at the office: without clear boundaries, how many times do you find yourself overwhelmed and annoyed by additional tasks that encroach on your personal time?

Similarly, in personal relationships, setting boundaries is essential to maintain balance and avoid burnout. For instance, without boundaries in place, you might overschedule or book your time with obligations when you KNOW you need some time to just chill. How many times have you found yourself in this scenario, asking yourself, “Why!! Did I say yes! Arghhh! That I’d go with her to that event when I just want to stay home, read a book, or just relax.”

Does this sound familiar to you? How many times have you done this to yourself? How often do you go along to get along … over and over? How many times do you say yes when every fiber of your being is shouting No! You’re overwhelmed, misunderstood, annoyed, and downright tired. That is, until you yell or “go off” because you’ve made the same request over and over and no one is acting like they hear you.

Have you been there before? Wouldn’t you say you need the power of a boundary to support yourself?

While in the past you may have thought it just wasn’t worth it to teach others to respect your boundaries, you now realize that it really is the only way to get what you desire from another person. Plus, how will they know what you do and don’t want if you don’t draw a boundary, giving them clarity about it?

When you recognize these actions as significant and necessary for “your” happiness, you will experience the key significance of boundaries in everyday situations. You will understand their pivotal role in preserving your time, energy, and overall happiness. Your boundaries have the power to prioritize your self-care, ensuring you have the time and energy for your well-being, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Just imagine ... you are sitting on the beach or poolside, kicking back, reading a novel from your

favorite author as your self-care practice. When you think about it, boundaries really are your best friend, but …

they aren’t for many women, maybe even you.

Let’s face it, of all the things you were taught in school, in Home Econ in high school and even at home, setting boundaries, honoring each other through boundaries was not in the conversation. How do you deal with feeling disempowered in your relationships? How do you handle feeling like a victim or disrespected in your marriage? How do you navigate unhealthy levels of guilt and anxiety?

Setting boundaries fosters healthier and more respectful relationships by establishing clear expectations and promoting open communication. For sure, boundaries are your shield against overwhelm and burnout, because with clear boundaries, you can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to experience greater peace of mind. However, when you’re not comfortable acknowledging your need for a boundary, you put yourself in a position to experience anxiety, overwhelm, feeling less than, disrespected, invisible, and like your needs, concerns, or feelings don’t matter. Isn’t it time for you to set boundaries for your heart, health, financial freedom, personal and spiritual growth to unlock your full potential, make empowered choices, and lead a life that aligns with your values and aspirations?

Boundaries do what they are supposed to do … indicate where something begins or ends in some instances. A boundary can provide clarity, support, and set a limit or structure that says STOP in some situations, while in other circumstances a boundary could mean not yet.

Given that in most instances you were NOT taught as a young girl growing up “how” to set a boundary, you don’t know. Be it an emotional, physical, or sexual boundary, you may find yourself struggling or even hesitating to establish a boundary for many reasons, none that value you.

But what if ...

When you get beyond your fear of their reaction to your standing up for your needs, dreams, goals and happiness, you will experience a feeling of freedom unlike ever before.

And the best part? You don’t have to do it alone ...


Empower HER Boundaries Blueprint

Where a select group of powerful women transform the way they think, make decisions, and stand for their happiness, health, financial wholeness, & spiritual wellbeing.

This six-week training and coaching program will lead you to create clear boundaries for healthy choices, relief, mutual respect, and more harmonious and joyful life!

In this transformative six-week course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. You will uncover the secrets to setting and maintaining boundaries that will reshape your life in profound ways. This is a program to provide you with the tools and support to navigate boundaries with confidence and grace.

Throughout this immersive experience, you will discover

Program Overview

The Empower HER Boundaries Training and Coaching Program is a transformative six-week journey designed to empower women to gain a deep understanding of the importance of boundaries in their lives and businesses. By the end of this program, participants will have the knowledge and tools to set and maintain boundaries effectively, fostering self-love, respect, value, and trust in various areas of their lives.
Week 1: Introduction to Boundaries

Week 2: Types of Boundaries

Week 3: How to Set Boundaries

Week 4: Overcoming Boundary Challenges

Week 5: Boundaries as Acts of Self-Love and Respect

Week 6: Setting Boundaries in Key Areas of Life

Program Components

Weekly Homework Assignments: Participants will receive assignments that reinforce the week’s learning and encourage practical application.
By the end of this six-week Empower HER Boundaries Training and Coaching program, participants will have developed a strong foundation in understanding, setting, and maintaining boundaries in various areas of their lives. They will gain the confidence and skills needed to navigate life’s challenges while fostering self-love, respect, and trust in themselves.  


Empower HER Boundaries

6 Training and Coaching Calls (once weekly)

6 Weekly Mentoring Sessions

6 Mentor Forum 24/7 community support

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If you’ve read it all and you’re on the fence about enrolling—your mindset is creating challenges, or you have questions that need answering—here are the most frequently asked questions that can help you in either case.

If you want to create a breakthrough in , you’ll need to commit to at least 20 minutes a day to see your transformation. We highly recommend setting aside 60 minutes to listen to the training and at least 15 minutes each morning and evening to integrate all your practices.

Based on your consistent participation in all aspects of the course, in 6 weeks you can expect to make key shifts, such as …

  • Relief and release from worry, stress, and shame.
  • Tangible results in your feeling of value.
  • Established three key routines for your weekly self-care.
  • Feeling more in control of your time and life with a tracking system.
  • Creating new “inspired actions” with self-care.
  • Noticing your inner chatter and upgrading your inner conversation.
  • Gradually beginning to upgrade your previous boundaries and thoughts.

This course will work because of your determination to feel supported, heard, and valued. This course is your fuel to align with your dreams and have more fulfillment, time, quality experiences and moments in your life. Your determination, desire, and drive is the fuel for your success. Partner those three with laser-focused weekly coaching, accountability, and community support, followed by your taking action. How could you not see results? This course will guide you step by step through six critical teaching/training points followed by a weekly coaching call to support integrating the teaching so that you implement effortlessly, and intentionally shift your thinking and feelings.


Jenenne Macklin has helped thousands of women all over the globe experience an internal shift with their money mindset for the external results desired in their life and/or business beyond what they think is possible … and now she wants to focus on you – your happiness, fulfillment, joy, and success. She wants to see it happen for you in your relationship with yourself. It’s time for you to take a stand for you, your happiness, fulfillment, joy, love, and success. With a roster of clients that includes amazing women, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and celebrities, her impact can be felt globally. She supports your growth and success with her second powerful writing, Let’s Get You Happy First: 4 Power Moves To Get To Your Happy.


Jenenne Macklin has coached thousands of women all over the globe to experience an internal shift with their money mindset for the external results desired in their life and/or business beyond what they think is possible … and now she wants to see it happen for you! With a roster of clients that includes amazing women, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and celebrities, her impact can be felt globally. She is an author, with her third book an International Best-Seller, Money Mastery Now: Align Money, Activate Joy, and Amplify Worth. As a powerhouse speaker, coach, and wealth catalyst, she has been speaking since 1999 after meeting her first mentor, Les Brown, and later training for four years with motivational speaker and NYT best-selling author Lisa Nichols. She touches audiences small and large with her dynamic blend of wit, wisdom, humor, and personal experiences, empowering women with proven principles and tangible practices to boldly create a wealthy life and business. Jenenne draws on 25+ years of personal and professional experience, and a laser-sharp intuition to passionately empower and teach women. Jenenne is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Ordained Spiritual teacher, Reiki Master, and the delightful mom of an incredible son.

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