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“You can’t consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself, the universe simply won’t allow it.”

Coaching is a process that has the power to create the means and opportunity for you to create the life you’ve dreamed of. Through coaching you have the potential to move from your current position in life to where you want to be by taking incremental actions. With each action you gain clarity on your potential, mission and purpose. Equipped with clarity you gain a deeper desire and intention to create your financial freedom and wealth legacy.

People often don’t know exactly what they want to change, they simply know…something MUST change…

Prosperity coaching is about helping people look forward in the direction of what they desire, instead of looking back to the things that have caused them a great deal of pain and strife. If you in any way feel that life must have something else to offer, you’re ready to once and for all get off the financial roller coaster ride, and start living your most prosperous life…NOW, then ‘Jenenne Macklin’ will give you a way forward.

My Personal Journey

Struggle with money happened with an invitation I received in college to be a part of the “club.” At least that’s what I thought of it. What made this club so special was that no one in my family had been invited to or could get accepted into this club. It was the Mastercard club followed by the Discover Card club and Visa club.

I knew nothing about credit given no one in my family had credit. I was so proud and excited. However, that was short lived. Without money knowledge or credit understanding I soon found myself in credit card debt.

I would be in the money loop of credit card debt for easily 20 years.

That was far too long to be in struggle, shame, stress, worry and anxiety living thinking there’s not enough. That’s what scarcity thinking does. Couple that with the bill collectors calling that had frightened me into desperation, and absolute fear. I didn’t know where to turn. I knew I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing – but I didn’t know how to start.

At the same time, I was spreading my wings to teach prosperity principles and tackle the biggest challenge I saw stopping many of us including me and that was – fear. The workshop was Moving From Fear to Faith. Well, before I could teach it – I had to live it. So, with my hands shaking and fear on one side and faith on the other, I started to call the bill collectors. I braced for their harsh words and steeled myself to take it. I told myself, I deserved it for not being responsible. I listened and said I will take care of my responsibility if they gave me time.

I cried and cried feeling so ashamed of my decisions leading me to this moment but I took action, did the research, hired a consolidation company to get out of debt and then had to learn how to be in partnership with money rather than in lack about money. But I did it again. Yep. Started using my credit cards by simply telling myself, “You’ll do better Jenenne.” Well, the second time was the charm. Once I freed myself from credit card debt the second time, I was determined to hold on to my financial freedom and I’ve done just that stayed financial free.

When you get tired of living in the vicious cycle struggle to get and struggle to keep, your next move is to unlearn the negative patterns surrounding money, wealth, and finances and start developing new habits that will last beyond your years… I’m talking generational wealth!

You may be at a place in your life where nothing seems to be going your way, you feel like every time you take 2 steps forward…you get knocked 3 steps back. Money seems to leave your life faster than it comes in. You just can’t figure out how to grow and keep more of your money!

Prosperity coaching can help clarify things, allowing you to focus on improving your future and help you decide on what actions to take to get there!

At Your Infinite Prosperity, we are passionate about making the world an exciting and abundant place for independent women. We’ve worked with women through every phase of life – and we teach women to embrace every single phase…no matter how uncomfortable the journey is. We understand the unique struggles women face today in the workplace, at home, and in relationships.

You’re tired of feeling stuck, lost, pissed off, and scared when it comes to money and your financial future. I get it, I’ve been there…I want to help free you from those burdens and show you how you too can experience Infinite Prosperity… by simply letting go of the old things that no longer serve you…

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