Attention Women:

Calling the Leaders, the Doers, the Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Moms, Intuitives, the Breadwinners, Income Earners, and Bill-Payers.

Are you ready to have more money this year?

Is your goal to make more money in your business and finally charge for your value?

Are you absolutely fed up with stressing, struggling, juggling, feast or famine, and whatever with money?

Then this is for You:

It’s time for you to have peace of mind about money. It’s time to slay and shatter the lies and beliefs that rob and sabotage your relationship with money. Frankly, It Is YOUR Time.

It’s your time to take back your power. Now!! Women, they say, have control of trillions of dollars but are not equipped to manage it.

I disagree!!!

If we can manage our busy lives filled with homework, basketball, soccer, hockey practices for three children; skillfully navigate temperamental bosses, overwhelmed partners, and family trauma; seamlessly move between the boardroom and the bedroom; handle projections and projectile vomit, you sure as hell best believe women can manage money when we take a seat at the table.

THIS is your personal invitation to grab your seat at the money table.

Because no matter why you think managing money is different than all the other areas of your life you manage – it’s time for you to take back your power and create the wealth you want.

And trust me, what you don’t know about money, it’s time to know.

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Whether it’s red bottom shoes, iPhones or Samsung, Starbucks runs, drinks with friends after work, dinner on the yacht on Sunday afternoon, basketball uniforms for your daughter, or that “hot date” concert (Bey &JayZ Tour) you’re itching to go to: It All Involves MONEY.

It’s time to get a handle on money so it can work for you – instead of running your life ragged.

Join me for this 90-minute masterclass where you will discover:

  • Exactly what is keeping money away and how to shift that so you can attract and receive money – with ease!
  • Three things you do EVERY day that are sabotaging your money – and how to change them today.
  • How to reframe the BIGGEST obstacleso you allow money the opportunity to show up in your life and business.
  • And more

Clearly, it is your time as a woman. I am your wealth guide and catalyst on a mission to #disrupttheconversation you have going on in your head about money. Will you join me?

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