Crank Up Your Money Mojo

Finally, You Can Stop Worrying About Money and Start to Attract more, charge more, and invest more…so you always have more than you need.


Always having more than enough money for family vacations, spur-of-the-moment luxuries, and unexpected emergencies.

Never worrying or fretting about money ever again because you know how to make it, manage it, and invest it. Easy-peasy.

Sleeping peacefully every night without the weight of dread, worry, or shame because you know how you can attract, charge, and invest money for your future.

The above may seem a stretch for you, depending on your current money challenges.

Right now, your level of frustration is so high and your disappointment in yourself, your progress, and where you think you should be or just want to be is deep because for years you have silently battled in your relationship with money. At times you may have felt like you were all alone and not able to see your way out.

You have been struggling for answers and solutions, but your shame keeps you alone and feeling helpless to recover or maintain what life/business you have. Despite your best efforts to invest, you still find yourself with a pile of money sitting in your savings accounts earning what: 1%?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a VP at a company, an entrepreneur, or a middle school teacher bringing home the bigger paycheck, you’re stuck telling yourself you don’t know where to begin, feeling overwhelmed and insecure.

Truth is


You want to be secure, smart, and confident in your financial decisions.


You want to be strong like a badass in your courage to invest and take action beyond your fears.


You want to be good about your ability to make financial decisions rather than feeling that you’re not enough or capable.

No matter what’s happening with your finances, or how bad you think it is, you can make big changes in a short time with the right road map.

On some level you “want” to feel confident managing your money. You do! It may be the last thing left on your check-off list, for you to mark off as Done and Done!

What would that feel like?

You’re managing your money!

You opened your investment account and funded it! Or that moment you stand looking into your eyes in the mirror, a tear slowly streaming down your face as a smile begins to form because you feel SO good that you are meeting your goals, being successful, feeling smart and even a little savvy with your money.

Won’t you feel proud!

You’ve worried and fretted over this enough! Nights, days, months, even years.

It’s time to take your time and energy and bet on you!

Bet on your “having’’ ease with money, effortlessly gaining greater understanding, all while releasing any self-imposed fears because you choose to cultivate your money confidence.

No matter what your financial story has been, no matter what mistakes in judgment you hold against yourself, no matter how many times you’ve stood at the crossroads attempting to figure out what to do next, today you can shake off the past and flip your money switch. Today you can begin to attract more, charge more, and wisely invest more and never worry about money again … and instead enjoy having more than you need!

Today you can begin to attract more, charge more, and wisely invest more and never worry about money again … and instead enjoy having more than you need!


Crank Up Your Money Mojo Bundle

(So you stop stressing out about money!)

This bundle contains 3 powerful trainings that show you how easy it is to release blocks, habits, and old stories about money so you can start building your future as a money magnet who knows how to make, manage, and multiply money with confidence.

You’ll Discover

The secret to ending your struggle, stress, and shame with money once and for all.

The #1 action to start today that will open the way for you to enjoy having more money than you need.

The secret to finally stopping your paralyzing fear stories running on repeat.

The secret to squashing your overspending or overcharging once and for all.

The Crank Up Your Money Mojo includes three audio programs, each one designed to shift the three essential elements impacting your relationship and results with money so you attract more, enjoy more, serve more clients, and invest more wisely.

Money Mindset Reset: The Top 3 Hidden Money Saboteurs Series

Inside this 5-part audio training you’ll discover:

• 3 money resets to give you greater results from your efforts.
• What your money mindset is and how to navigate it for greater success.
• The #1 belief that keeps you taking care of others more than yourself.
• The sneaky money stories keeping you stressed, struggling, and frustrated.

Manna & Manifesting: Healing Your Relationship with Money for Success

In this audio series, you will hear how to effortlessly build a new relationship with money and the six actions to manifesting and “having” more success.

Inside you will discover:

• The steps to manifest and what’s blocking your longed-for results.
• How to connect the dots between your feelings, the emotional scale, and your results.
• The #1 power you possess to unblock and welcome “having” money.
• The power of your intuition to spark your inspired action.
• The daily practices to elevate your relationship with money.

Exposing the Top 5 Money Myths Sabotaging Your Success Master Class + Diagram

With this Master Class, you will learn what keeps you chasing money rather than attracting more and what blocks you from “having” more than enough money in your life, bank account, and business.

Inside you will discover:

• The truth about money that no one told you.
• The money belief that keeps you taking care of others more than yourself.
• The #1 tool you possess to welcome more than enough abundance.
• The truth about money that will help you attract more easily.
• The #1 reason you are where you are and what to do next.

Crank Up Your Money Mojo Bundle

Crank Up Your Money Mojo Bundle will ease your worry and fear by providing you with clarity on what to unblock, update, and release to crank up your money mojo!

Acting today will give you immediate relief, answers, and a new way to think about yourself and managing your money to have more. When you understand your mindset, question long-held beliefs, discover the truth about your relationship with money, spending, saving, and powerful actions of self-love, you will stop chasing clients and money and instead start taking inspired action to attract more, have more than enough, and stop worrying. You can start breathing. You can get a good night’s sleep knowing you are on track to attract more, enjoy more, charge more, and invest wisely!


But wait, there’s more …

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Money Mojo Get Clarity VIP Group Call


Crank Up Your Mojo Bundle

Get support with your questions so you can STOP stressing out.


Diving Into Money Guided Meditation


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