The Many Sides of

Jenenne Macklin

The Visionary

Visionary catalyst and sought-after speaker, Jenenne Macklin is on a mission to empower one million women by 2022 to create their most fulfilling, successful and prosperous lives, and to eradicate “Scarcity Thinking” on the planet – which is believed to be the #1 reason that women around the globe continue to be stuck in unnecessary debt and survival patterns. This keeps them from accessing their Infinite Prosperity™, which is their innate birthright!

The Conduit

A powerhouse speaker, featured on stage with New York Times Bestselling author Lisa Nichols, Jenenne’s message can reach audiences both large and small. Her dynamic blend of wit, wisdom, and personal experience allows her to penetrate the hearts and minds of millions all around the world. Her personal journey through transformation was a result of being abandoned, abused and adopted…which left her feeling disconnected, to now living a life where she has meaningful connection, she’s more centered and confident, and now serves as a conduit for divine energy and healing!

The Teacher

Drawing on her laser-sharp intuition, 25+ years of personal & professional experiences Jenenne empowers women with powerful proven principles and tangible practices to boldly create your spiritually wealthy life and business. As a widely respected spiritual teacher, she is passionate about educating women how to transform their relationship with money to confidently build wealth, and gain financial freedom using proven strategies for success.

As an ordained Spiritual Teacher, Jenenne founded ‘Living in the Light Ministry’, her own church where she fostered for 14 years a diverse, intimate and joy-filled spiritual community. She was a highly sought-after speaker at the Agape International Spiritual Center, founded by Michael B. Beckwith.

Her specialized training includes Reiki, Andean Shamanism, the Akashics, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 28 years from Cal State University in Sacramento.

The Coach

Jenenne believes in standing in your personal power, and never allowing anyone to make you feel small. She understands that we all have been given an appropriate measure of grace to create the life we desire… and have been equipped with the tools to do so. Drawing from principles of metaphysics, Eastern wisdom, meditation, spiritual abundance, she helps people move from fear to faith so they can create prosperous lives.

With a roster of clients ranging from celebrities, millionaire entrepreneurs to amazing spiritual women and small business owners, her impact is felt globally as far as Japan and Bangladesh. She is passionate about being a catalyst for heart-centered women thought leaders and executives to recognize their value, live with passion, maximize their relationship with money, and increase their profits. Her clients experience significant internal shifts that produce visible real results in their life or business.

The Author

Her at Your Infinite Prosperity coaching programs offers custom tailored solutions for women at various levels of financial freedom. She supports them in breaking free of chronic depth and empowers women to liberate themselves into their next level of prosperity in her distinguished private masterminds. When she isn’t speaking her truth and helping to eradicate the scarcity mindset, you can find her hosting Women’s Wealth retreats and seminars all over the country. She has authored two groundbreaking books called Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed: A Companion for Daily Living and Let’s Get You Happy, First: 3 Steps To Get You To Your Happy

Fun Facts

About Jenenne Macklin

She lives in gorgeous Pasadena, California…

She is privileged to be the mommy of a brilliant gift of a wonderful son

She enjoys step dancing, the gym, weight training and Bikram yoga when she’s not eradicating scarcity.

She loves traveling to luxurious and exotic destinations, laying on the beach & snorkeling.

She is frequently visited by her Guardian Angels who awakens her up at 3 am for daily wealth and meditation upgrades.

She is an avid fitness, health, and longevity geek.

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