Choose YOU First…

With Jenenne Macklin
Transformational Speaker, Author Catalyst
3 Steps for Power, Passion & Profit

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Empower. Guide. Transform.

What if I told you that you can have it all? The lightness of an incredible spiritual life? The peace of mind that comes with tremendous wealth? A great relationship with your spouse or partner and other loved ones that are important in your life? A business you are passionate about and look forward to working on every single day? What if I told you that you can have all of the above and more?

I’m Spirit and Riches Coach Rev. Jenenne Macklin and I’m telling you right now: you can.

Have. It. All.

For decades, spiritual people have struggled with their desire to be rich. Somewhere along the line, someone invented a thought (a highly incorrect one) that being rich isn’t spiritual. That the two can’t coexist. That there’s nobility in poverty. I’m here to tell you: that thinking is fundamentally flawed, yet somehow managed to spread and pervade culture after culture.

The real truth is that you can have it all. Your life—your one and only shot at this life—is whatever you make of it. Opportunity and abundance are the natural order of this universe. It is your job—your duty—to tap into that. To build the life of your dreams.

Be Happy + Be Rich. I’ll show you how.

I’ll be your guide in transforming your money mindset for profits, purpose and peace of mind through spiritual principles (prosperity principles and sacred practices). I know how because I’ve lived it. I’ve been fired. Broke. Desperate. I’ve lost it all and rebuilt a life better than I could’ve imagined. I’ll help you do the same.