“This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to change their financial situation for the better.”

– Les Brown

In this book you will learn to:

Identify poor money habits & money scripts that rob your money and how to start building new money habits, a life of joy and a friendship with money.
Stop chasing money and get out of the “Money Loop” of stress and struggle to create your escape into financial confidence.
Activate your power to welcome money by aligning your thoughts, words, and feelings with money for financial wellness and to position yourself for wealth building.
Identify The Money Loop and how to escape it into financial wellness.
Learn strategies and life principles critical to achieving Money Mastery Now.
“Money Mastery Now offers proserity and mindset shifts that get you on the right track. These shifts help improve every aspect of life.”

-Les Brown

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Copyright © 2020 Jenenne Macklin | All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2020 Jenenne Macklin | All Rights Reserved