Sherri Somers

Upgrade Your Habits.
Increase Your Abundance.
Manifest Money
Through Your Gifts.

Align 90

12 Weeks to Make Peace with Money
and Make Room for Wealth!

Wealth Catalyst & Coach to some, mom, and Spiritual sister to others.

If I told you I have a system for helping you create a more purposeful and prosperous relationship with money and increase your abundance...would you stop, look, and listen?

Well, you're in luck...because that's exactly what this I'm asking you to stop, look, and listen…

First, understand this...the old way of relating to money and wealth won't get you into new spaces or a new relationship with wealth. So if you're comfortable where you are and have no intentions to grow or level-up...this likely isn't for you.

The truth is when you're out of alignment; your thoughts are going in opposition to your actions. Just like with a car that's out of alignment:

Car: Uneven or rapid tire wear.
You: Mismanaged or rapid energy drain.

Car: The steering wheel is crooked when you are driving straight.
You: Despite your best efforts, you go towards the things you don't want instead of the things you do want.

Car: Noisy Steering.
You: Short-tempered and easily agitated when faced with obstacles.

Do you see how being out of Alignment
reveals itself in your life?

Are you currently experiencing any of these things?

It's ok; we all do at some point along the journey to greatness.
To move from where you are now to the place you desire to be (physically, financially, spiritually. etc.),

you must be willing to change your
habits and develop prosperity

I'm here to help you do that!

First, I want to ask you a few questions to set the tone:

  • Does thinking about your money and your financial habits leave you feeling guilty or ashamed?
  • Do you resist setting healthy boundaries and enforcing them because you fear disappointing people?
  • Do you undercharge your clients because you're not sure what you're worth?
  • Do financial terms make you feel stupid because you don't really understand what they are and how they impact your life?
  • Do you spend more than you're bringing in?

In this 3-month coaching program, you discover how to:

  • Strengthen your confidence in making decisions about the money.
  • Disrupt your negative mind chatter, using proven strategies so that you're no longer a slave to the "I don't deserve better" thoughts that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Tap into your inherent value to eliminate secret fears in your life and business.
  • Align with what you want rather than what you don't want so that you stop attracting situations, people, and experiences that drain you and leave you feeling empty.
  • Cultivate conscious actions so that you stop participating in self-sabotaging emotional reactions.
  • Take daily incremental actions that put you first so that you can stay focused on your goals – and bring them into reality!
  • Discover practices that will deepen your inner connection and ignite your power so that you're open to greater possibilities (rather than accepting automatic programming.)
  • Stop living in fear of being "selfish" (you're not!) and start accessing your bottomless wells of inner courage. And more!

During our months, you'll have
access to 6 ALIGN Training Modules:

Module One:
Recognizing Your Power.

  • Discover the key fundamental actions to position yourself for greater prosperity.
  • You'll gain a new way of influencing your results by owning the power you have and aligning with it.
  • When you discover new habits and new practices that support your prosperity, the habits become a practice that leads to tangible results.
  • Uncover hidden beliefs and stories that block your access to prosperous living and wealth.
  • Identify the top two stories that keep you stuck in not enough deep frustration and two universal laws to give you relief.
  • Learn a powerful tool to release the old story and create a more viable one.

Module two:
What Lens Are You Looking Through

  • Discover the two lenses you look through for prosperity.
  • Learn how to challenge your own negative thinking that usually takes you off your goal.
  • You'll learn powerful fundamental principles to honor what matters most to you, develop your roadmap for money management skills, and implement three actions to ignite your wealth confidence and claim your Financial Declaration.

Module three:
Elevate Your Financial Vision

  • Discover your plan of daily action to create more ease and confidence with your spending, attracting new clients, and becoming a partner with money.
  • You'll learn, examine and track your money experiences, your biggest fears, and shame around money to feel more empowered and in control unlike ever before.
  • Accepting that you are the CEO of your happiness, you'll learn the primary factors governing your financial freedom and how it directly impacts your relationship with money, wealth, and prosperity.

Module four:
Attracting & Aligning with Your Goal(s)

  • Discover how to become a vibrational match for the results desired.
  • You'll learn the invisible drivers impacting your results and how to align with your financial vision.
  • You'll learn the three adjustments that will position you for results.
  • Discover the true principles that govern your relationship with prosperity and wealth. Stepping into the power you have to intentionally accept ownership over your finances and make conscious choices will establish you as the powerful force in cultivating your financial confidence.

Module five:
Make Room for More

  • Learn the powerful habit of practice that invites prosperity.
  • Learn the powerful habit of practice that invites more good in your life.
  • Explore the boundaries that will impact your worth, value, and your vibration. You'll learn how to get unstuck and align with your goals, implement daily structured, proven practices to achieve your goals.
  • You'll learn how being able to navigate your personal power will connect you to your goals daily.
  • Discover the practices that call you to choose you first as the fuel for results and greater success.

Module six:
Living (Playing) in Possibility

  • Discover what it means to leverage the universe as a powerful tool for results.
  • Experience proven practices that ignite your power to receive.
  • Feel what it feels like to receive and welcome more into your life.
  • Discover how to play with the possibility for your goals and dreams.
  • Establishing your Wealth Tool Kit will help you implement your habits of practice until they become second nature to living aligned for results.

Everything is delivered virtually,
so you can participate from
anywhere in the world!

Sounding good, right?

This is for powerhouse women that are ready to:

-   Have confidence in their money decisions.
-   Create powerful new money scripts and beliefs
-   Align with the energy of prosperity and possibilities.
-   Have more freedom and time for what they really love and long to experience.
-   Learn to trust your intuition.
-   Cultivate a deeper sense of their worth and value to expand their power.
-   Stop feeling guilty for saying no or desiring more.
-   Adopt a mindset that embraces prosperity as a way of life over lack and scarcity.

Does this sound like you? If it does, let's
click the button and let's do the work!