Do you want to create more, increase your wealth, live a luxurious life of your choice, find happiness in your everyday relationships and FINALLY create real financial freedom –
starting from within …

Are you ready to stop chasing money and get out of the debt loop – once and for all?

Dear Prosperous One:

Let me lovingly ask you (and answer honestly!)


    • Does thinking about your money, your debt, and your financial habits make you feel guilty?
    • Do you resist setting boundaries (and honoring them) because you worry about disappointing people?
    • Do you undercharge your clients because you’re not sure what you’re worth?
    • Do financial terms make you feel stupid because you don’t really understand what they are and how they impact your life?
    • Do you spend more than you’re bringing in and are always dipping into to your “savings” for help to make it all work?

    Deep breath, my friend. You’re doing great.

    It’s easy to say that you want to live with greater confidence and feel empowered in your relationship with money. You can tell yourself that you’ll start charging for your value. You can desire to make decisions in your life that honor your value and goals.

    It’s easy to say you’ll do it, that you want to do it …

    But knowing how to actually make the changes – the energetic, the mindset, and the practical – to position yourself to live a prosperous life is harder.

    Here’s the truth though:

    The desire to create a better life for yourself and your family is the first step. It means you’re ready to align with your Infinite Prosperity!

      I’m Jenenne Macklin, creator of Your Infinite Prosperity. I’m here to empower you to know your value and live from your value to create a fulfilled, prosperous life.

      I’m passionate about eliminating scarcity thinking.

      You know… that mental chatter that rolls through your head and says stuff like:


      “I don’t understand money. I’m not smart enough to make good financial decisions.”

      “I never have enough. I don’t deserve to have more.”

      “I buy things I don’t need and I don’t use… can I be trusted to handle money wisely?”

      “I can’t say NO when people ask me for money, gifts, or help. If I have it, I give it away.”

      “I can’t be trusted with money. It’s no wonder I’m always overspending, I can’t handle what I’ve got.”

      My darling, that wasn’t true about me and it certainly isn’t true about you!

      I’ve had my own personal, no-expenses-paid trip through not enough money for the bills, living in scarcity, suffering with a low credit score, having money frustrations, and little money confidence and knowledge. I’ve laid awake worrying about bills. I’ve tossed and turned, wondering why I can’t get this money thing right, why I can’t attract new clients, praying for a Hail Mary money moment to fill my bank account, to win the lottery, for a miracle.

      But I didn’t stay stuck in scarcity thinking.

      I took the steps I needed to change my life. And you can too! 

      I learned what I didn’t know about money and gradually aligned with the truth and energy of money. Through that, I developed greater skills and confidence to create a prosperous life. 

      For over fifteen years I have been guiding women to align with money by cultivating greater confidence, creating powerful money scripts, activating their power within to raise their prices in business, live their value and set healthy boundaries to thrive in life and business.

      You can be next!


      I am delighted to say that today, I am …

      • Credit card debt-free and enjoy a high credit score.
      • CEO of a profitable personal development business that brings in over six-figures a year.
      • A successful investor in both financial markets and real estate.
      • Enjoying a luxury lifestyle with travel, fun experiences, and the opportunity to provide for my son as a single mom

      And most importantly, I don’t stress about money anymore because I am connected to Infinite Prosperity!

      You deserve to create and live a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and prosperous. You deserve to be at peace in your life. You deserve to no longer feel guilty for saying ‘no,’ for setting boundaries, or for being worried about disappointing others. You deserve to experience the joy, fulfillment, and a sense of value and confidence in your ability to make strategic decisions in your life and business with money.


      ALIGN with MONEY MASTERY: Embrace Your Infinite Prosperity

      On this journey you will discover what’s been keeping you out of financial alignment, how to become a vibrational match to money and wealth, and how to activate abundance in your life and beyond!

       In this 3-month comprehensive and transformational coaching program you discover the tools and actions steps to:


      • Strengthen your confidence and mindset to say goodbye to scarcity and limiting beliefs.
      • Disrupt your negative mind chatter, using proven strategies, so that you’re no longer slave to the unconscious thoughts that have been keeping you stuck.
      • Tap into your inherent value to eliminate secret fears in your life and business.
      • Align with what you want rather than what you don’t want so that you stop attracting situations, people, and experiences that drain you and leave you feeling empty.
      • Cultivate practices and habits to stop participating in self-sabotaging emotional reactions.
      • Take daily incremental actions that put you first so that you can stay focused on your goals – and bring them into reality!
      • Discover practices that will deepen your inner connection and ignite your power so that you’re open to greater possibilities (rather than accepting automatic programming.)
      • Stop living in fear of being “selfish” (you’re not!) and start accessing your bottomless wells of inner courage.
      • And more!


      During our 3-months, you’ll unlock your prosperity in a 12-part journey through the ALIGN Training Modules:

      PHASE 1

      Module 1. The Power of Being Aligned

      Defining what “Alignment” is and what it feels like to be in it (so you can start living in it), as well as what it feels like to be out it. In this module we will also discuss how a scarcity mentality is keeping you out of Alignment and trapped in survival mode.

      Module 2. Your Personal Power and Alignment

      What is your mindset rooting in? Is your foundation, the place from which your original thoughts, ideas, and personal power come from rooted in prosperity or scarcity? Will we go through a series of exercises designed to help you purposefully align your energy with what you desire for your life.

      Module 3. Releasing Historical Inherited Beliefs

      Identify your outdated beliefs and unconscious habits that no longer serve you, while exploring to discover your own personal truth separate from those that you’ve inherited. It’s time to honor and walk in YOUR personal truth.

      Module 4. Recognizing Your Unique Worth

      Discover your personal sense of value, and what’s it’s grounded in, understanding the value you bring into a room, and being grounded in that will keep you from shrinking down when faced with challenging situation and people that want to dim your shine. This is your unique presence in your life and business; it’s time to recognize and honor it.

      PHASE 2

      Module 5. Moving Beyond Limitation to Power

      Shifting your thoughts and unconscious habits! Here you’ll identify and release unconscious head talk so that you’re shifting that you’re “not enough” to validating your “enoughness” and accepting the power you do have.

      Module 6. Ignite Your Innate Power

      Facing your fears to replace them with fuel; finding your rhythm on your spiritual journey tapping into and discovering your innate power

      Module 7. Spirituality & Living Aligned

      It is possible to live Aligned in every aspect of your life, and stay there, despite what’s happening around you. We will discuss the three key internal practices that help you navigate the world around you.

      Module 8. Being A Vibrational Match

      Discover your vibration and learn how to Align that with the vibration of money; how to navigate your vibration daily and money mastery practices to sustain your vibrational alignment.

      PHASE 3

      Module 9. Let’s Redefine Your Prosperity

      What does prosperity look like for you? Where did that definition come from? Does it match your current experience in life? We will discuss the value of learning to be still, listening to your GPS, your personal goals and spiritual journey.

      Module 10. Living Your Money Mastery

      Discover the five ways wealthy people think differently and how it can serve you. You’ll also identify daily actions to make – the internal shift for external results. It’s not just about the money … it’s about mindset.

      Module 11. Igniting Your Prosperous Vision

      Create your prosperous vision. Here we’ll identify your aligned daily actions for your life so that you can visualize your aligned living and gain understanding of the importance of contrast on your journey.

      Module 12. Activating Your New Alignment

      It’s time to put it all into action so that you start to walk in your new found alignment! Live with a sense of confidence with money, fulfillment in your day to day living, and the power to trust your process. We’ll map out your next steps ritual, practices, to continue to activate your alignment.

      When you enroll in the ALIGN with Money Program you will receive:

      • Weekly live training calls (12 total) with LIFETIME access to the recordings
      • Monthly Q&A Group Calls (3 total) with LIFETIME access to the recordings
      • ALIGN worksheets for each module so you’ll be able to immediately implement what you’re learning
      • Private Facebook Group, “Real Money Matters”

      All of this is delivered virtually so you can participate from anywhere in the world!

      Sounding good, right?

      You’re probably wondering, “What’s the investment?”

      You’re right, prosperous one. It is an investment. An investment in yourself, in your freedom, in your life.

      It’s an investment that means you’ll never lie awake worrying how you’re going to pay that bill, how you’re going to live your dream, how you will feel more peace and relief in your life.

      It’s the way that you can make the big purchases, have money in your saving, build your wealth and move toward investing with greater confidence that you’re doing it “right.”

      The investment in your financial education allows you to energetically align with the vibration of money and know you’ve got the practical, day-to-day tools you need to know your value so that you can create a life of prosperity.

      This is an investment you need to make if you’re ready to:

      • Be confident in your money decisions – no matter if it’s a purchase, savings, or earning.
      • Transform your relationship with money from a frustration to a partnership.
      • Adopt a mindset that embraces prosperity as a way of life over lack and scarcity.
      • Create a life-changing legacy to pass down to future generations.
      • Have more freedom and time for what you really love and long to experience.
      • Cultivate a deeper sense of your worth and value to expand your power.
      • Stop feeling guilty for saying ‘no’ or feeling guilty for desiring more.
      • Align with the energy of prosperity and possibilities.

      If you answered, “Yes, Jenenne, I am ready!” then your “Special Upfront” investment today is $497 (normally $997)

      To help you make this decision, here are over $4000 in bonuses:

      Bonus 1: Money Mastery Strategy Session with Jenenne

      In this 30-minute one-on-one session with Jenenne, where you will gain greater insight into your next action steps to strengthen your relationship with money; identify habits that keep you out of alignment and laser focused actions and practices to propel you forward. Empowered with this information you will be able to execute your practices and strategies, notice your money habits, actions and make decisions in alignment with your goals.

      (Value $755)

      Bonus 2: Money Mindset Audio Series

      Get inspiration, empowerment, and daily conditioning for your mind through repetition and gained insights. Mastery is understanding your habits, thinking, feelings that continuously impact your decision and your relationship with money. Mastering your mind is the solution to the results you desire and deserve and to keep you in action for results!

      (Value $575)

      Bonus 3: The Value of You Audio

      The Value of You is a deep dive into your sense of value and self-worth. Understanding the value, you bring into a room and being grounded in that will keep you from shrinking down when faced with challenging situations and people that want to dim your shine.

      (Value $295)

      Bonus 4: Bonus Ticket to “Money Mastery Now – Intensive”

      Walk through the money mastery strategies, habits, beliefs, and actions that will align you with your goals. During this two-day intensive we will define alignment, your personal power, recognizing your divine worth, learn how to move beyond limiting beliefs, how to ignite you innate power and how to raise your vibration to match your desires and goals.

      (Value $2500)

      You are worth so much more than $997. You can be the embodiment of infinite prosperity. It starts when you say yes to yourself and to your future and ALIGN with infinite prosperity.

      FAST ACTION BONUS: For the First 15 People

      When you say YES to yourself and invest in ALIGN with MONEY MASTERY: Embrace Your Infinite Prosperity, you’ll also receive the fast action bonus of a group Half VIP Day with me. In this virtual event, we’ll dive deep into “Emotions and Your Money” – the underlying story that keeps you stuck. This is the biggest block to your prosperity – and when you get it handled, miracles happen.

      (Value $1500)

      Maybe you have a few questions before you can get started.
      Q. I’m really busy with my job/business/side-hustle/family. How will I have the time for this?
      A. Imagine if you didn’t have to work so hard. Imagine if you had the time to do everything you wanted…

      When you ALIGN with Infinite Prosperity, that can be your reality.

      Until then, know that you have lifetime access to all twelve training modules and the Q&A calls. These calls will be held live on Thursdays, beginning May 9, 2019 – 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern. While you’ll get the most out of the sessions if you come live, you will have the recordings!

      Make your financial education a priority NOW so that time will never be an issue for your future.

      Q. This is a lot of money and I don’t have much. Is it worth the investment?
      A. You are worth every penny you invest into yourself. But it can be so hard to see your value when you feel worthless.

      You are priceless.

      Investing in yourself (and doing the work!) will allow you to create the financial vibration and aliment you want so you can life a life of prosperity. Investing in myself was the best thing I ever did – and I reap the dividends over and over.

      Q. I’ve taken other “money” or “abundance” classes in the past and I’m still broke. How do I know this will work for me?
      A. True prosperity comes from being in alignment: the energetic and the physical, the mental chatter and the practical tools. ALIGN is the proven system I’ve used myself and with my clients.

      What you’ve done in the past has created your current reality. Imagine what would happen if you learned about alignment and then consciously created it in your life.

      Q. What if it doesn’t work. Can I get a refund?
      A. If you’re already thinking it won’t work, then it won’t – because you’re sending a powerful message that you don’t want to change. You’re not even IN the course and you’re already looking for a way out.

      I work with women who are going to do what it takes to change their thoughts, actions, and energies from scarcity, lack, and poverty to be in alignment with prosperity. Which means I don’t give refunds. It’s time to take responsibility for your path – and if you’re in, be in with your whole heart.

      You deserve greater fulfillment, sense of value, results, opportunities and greater prosperity.

      Say yes to Align with Money Mastery Now to access Your Infinite Prosperity

      P.S. Ask yourself, how many more years do you want to keep spinning in the money loop, buying what you don’t need, chasing money, charging minimal in your business, hoping for the day when you are more confident, when it will be easier, more fulfilling and generate the visible results and feelings you desire. This is your year to ALIGN with money so that you can embrace and experience your infinite prosperity.