Do you want to create more, increase your wealth and live a luxurious life and find happiness in your everyday relationship?

Does this sound familiar?

  • There’s never enough money to go around… you bring in money but seem to spend more always seem to have more bills in your month than paycheck.
  • You know you should budget and save but it never seems to happen… no matter how great your intentions are.
  • You’re hoping that the next client pays before the next bill is due… and it feels like your cashflow is just getting by.

Then join me on Thursday, May 1 at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern for the all-new masterclass: Exposing the Top 5 Money Myths Sabotaging Your Wealth & Happiness and How to Gain Money Mastery and Freedom with Jenenne Macklin

On this 90-minute training, you’ll discover:

  • Just what keeps you frustrated in your relationship with money in spite of your best efforts and how to upgrade it.
  • The #1 money habit that keeps you in the loop of anxiety & worry & how to rewrite the habit for a money boost.   
  • The critical missing piece that will determine your level of happiness and success as well as the clients you will attract and to stop leaving money on the table.    
  • Why trusting this one thing will keep you in the money trap and how to recognize it, so you stop falling into the trap!  
  • Which negative money belief you’re carrying that are limiting your prosperity – and how to activate your mind to bring in more money – now!

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    About Your Host:

    Jenenne Macklin

    Wealth catalyst and sought-after speaker, Jenenne Macklin is on a mission to empower one million women by 2022 to create more, increase their wealth, live a luxurious life and find happiness in their most fulfilling, successful and prosperous lives.  

    A widely respected influential wealth coach, spiritual teacher and author, Jenenne stands in her knowing that we all have been given everything we need to create and live the life we desire… and it is within us. Drawing on her laser-sharp intuition, 25+ years of personal and professional experiences, Jenenne empowers women with powerful proven principles and tangible practices to boldly create your spiritually wealthy life and business. With clients ranging from celebrities, millionaire entrepreneurs to conscious heart-centered women and small business owners, Jenenne inspires significant internal shifts that produces visible real results in their life or business..